2-4 gwynne road sw11
2-4 gwynne road sw11

"Form, function, structure and planning are seamlessly woven together in a bravura piece of design... Small white and perfectly formed, it breathes quality at every corner" - Housing Design Award.

This corner site lies has a high railway embankment to the rear and a large estate opposite. The permitted plot development density was small in relation to this context. The building provides a distinguished and self contained response to these surroundings. Unified and symmetrical elevations, and the form and detailing, give the overall design a clear identity independently of the flats within.

Coloured redents to the east and west elevations demark the central cross axis which contains the internal circulation and services. Dry-stone rubble walls of various heights, raised without foundations, enclose the gardens and largely screen the ground floor of the building from street view. The design uses strong contrasts of texture, materials, colour and form.

This RSL development comprises 8 rental properties, including two independently accessed ground floor disabled flats. The building is a compact volume, highly insulated externally and render finished. Inside this "thermal jacket" all walls, partitions and floors are made from a single sized metric modular concrete block. This construction gives the flats exceptional internal durability, acoustic performance and thermal mass - keeping the properties both cool in summer and warm in winter, with very low energy consumption.

This small social housing scheme was shortlisted for the Mies van der Rohe European architecture award.

"A jewel of a building that shines out from its drab inner city surroundings" - Civic Trust Award.

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