2 london tube lines
2 london tube lines

We are pleased to have been associated with identification and dissemination of the key south London links necessary for the development of the recently reopened East London Line overground service. This proposition, extracted from our archive, involved the surveying and appraising of a route to allow the extension and through connection of existing rail services in south London. Through identification of the routes potential this early stage work helped secure the lines between Surrey Quays and Peckham Rye, and between Surrey Quays, New Cross and New Cross Gate against development.

The former East London Line Tube (on standard rail gauge) is extended along the route of previously obsolete yet contiguous rail track and sidings, to give access to new stations and localities. This extended service provides direct linkage onto underused parts of the existing British Rail network enhancing the service and connecting the previously isolated east London line into a wider London network

This transport planning proposal, arose from a perceived strategic need to improve the regional vitality of the South and East London economy, access for and to employment opportunities and the networking of the public transport system. Providing service to established areas of London in long term need of regeneration, that could be implemented at economical cost, with minimum difficulty in land acquisition, in a strategically short timescale and, in South London, without any tunnelling, gave the proposal significant political advantage.

The proposed tube lines with a range of the options for possible extensions, linkages and through routing included:- A new east London loop line. With the existing line being extended from Surrey Quays to Queens Road, Peckham for connection through to Loughborough Junction. returning north through Camberwell, the Snowshill Tunnel and onto Kings Cross. The existing line is extended from Whitechapel, to a rail head at Liverpool Street along its former route.

District + Metropolitan branch line extension. A branch service of the District or Metropolitan lines is routed from Whitechapel Junction for direct through-running to Lewisham by extending the East London Line route from Surrey Quays to Deptford Park.

The proposed return loop back into Central London, and the southern connection onto Lewisham are not programmed for direct connection. To the north the route has been improved with extension to Highbury & Islington rather than connected back into Liverpool Street as proposed.

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