Walter Menteth Architects are based in Kennington, London. Their work is characterized by the achievement of solutions which are valued, appropriate and cost effective, identified by a commitment to what is sustainable and ecologically benevolent, and which achieves cohesive, inspiring and innovative design that can deliver function, distinction and delight beyond expectations. The practices' creative design process doesn't start from any predetermined propositions but addresses each projects parameters, its particular challenges, requirements and peculiarities through extensive investigation, discussion and consultation with both the client and stakeholders. We aspire to couple our design, production processes and efficient delivery with benefiting the human condition and apply the same rigorous approach whatever the scale of work.

Projects demonstrating this include the practice's work at Gwynne Road (2000) which provides mixed use low cost residential housing that developed a range of innovations. A building of standardized block giving high thermal mass is encased in external insulated render with a landscape enveloped in gabion walls, bringing these prototypical constructional idioms forward into the main stream of UK mass housing. As well as winning a number of awards and obtaining extensive press cover this project was shortlisted for the Mies van de Rohe European Architecture Award. Adopting different approaches the work at both Bloomfield Road (2002) and High Cross Road (2004) explored re-cycling, with both schemes winning various awards. Adaptive reuse remains an ongoing concern brought to most of our more recent designs, such as Dilston Grove (2010) and Dune at The Mowings (2010). The residential work at Consort Road (2007) winner of a British Homes Award 2008, addresses the versatility of construction, the adaptable use of space and the flexibility this confers over time. Its innovative construction, spatial planning and unique winter gardens all deliver significant enhancements.

The practice undertakes works across Europe, was selected for the framework shortlist for the construction of the Olympic Village, has won awards for a significant number of its buildings, and is currently working on residential, commercial and cultural projects.

The practice has experience of projects up to £32m and offers services across the following fields:-

Architectural Services:- Full or partial Architectural Services, Furniture & Interior Design, Product & Component design & development, Drawing Service, Planning Applications, Contract Administration, Refurbishment, Rural Planning & Design, Ecological & Sustainable Design, Self Build & systems building, Cladding & Facade Design,

Consultancy works:- Client Advisor, Client Representative, Competition Assessor, Contract Advice, Party Wall Advice, brief writing, spatial analysis studies.

We have acquired experience in the following fields:- Consultancy on Architects' Service & Fee Advice, Energy & Environmental Expertise, adaptive re-use, Construction Techniques & Building Technology, Community development, co-operative housing, planning & participation, Conservation & Restoration, Development Plans, Planning Advice, Urban Planning & Design, Specialist Art & Cultural Designs, Design for Disabled People, Exhibition Design, Lighting & FFE (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment), Landscape Design, Lightweight Structures, Services Co-ordination, Space Planning, Listed Building Advice, Site finding & site appraising, Materials Advice, Public Enquiries, Publicity Materials,

We have undertaken works in the following contract forms:- Traditional contracts, Design & Build, Partnering, Project Management,

Statutory Information

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